89 States commit to submitting a mid-term report

On March 15, during Human Rights Council's general debate on the UPR, 89 States committed to submit a mid-term report during the second cycle of the UPR.

This statement, delivered by Morocco, followed one made a year ago by 39 States committing to make a maximum of two recommendations to each SuR and to always give "high quality recommendations". Initiated by the United Kingdom, this year's statement added the pledge to write and publish a mid-term report two years after the review with updates on progressed achieved on the implementation of recommendations.

UPR Info will be monitoring closely whether States uphold these commitments or not. Out of the 39 States which already pledged last year, 11 actually failed during the UPR 13th session and made more than two recommendations to at least one or more States under Review. These 11 States consisted of: Azerbaijan, Ecuador, Ireland, Japan, Maldives, the Republic of Moldova, Netherlands, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sweden and Thailand.